We provide the following additional specialized services to Large Investor Groups who are interested in purchasing multiple portfolio's of properties on a regular basis and who prefer to handle most of their purchases and sales themselves, but who may also require some occasional specialized research and consulting.   In all cases, all of our Specialized Research and Analysis is generated only in a Business Consultant capacity, and we are not offering any Legal advice, CPA advice, Tax advice, or proposed Securities or Investment advice. You should always consult your own professional for that type of advice.

 Contact us for special Commercial Buyer's

Agent Commission Rate


On-Line Telephone  Consultations  or  Research      (per 15 minute segment)

(For the sophisticated Investor requiring specific research services)

$15 per 15 min

Plus research expenses


On-Site  Personal Consulting - Private In person  discussions and consulting  on specific  subjects  in the areas  of forming your own business or any aspect of Real Estate  about which you need more information

$50 per hour

Plus travel expenses


On-Site Property Analysis For Investors  - We have electronic Key access to most properties in Southwest Florida.  Instead of working with several different Realtors and FSBO Owners, we can set up a schedule with you to very efficiently access and view all of the properties in which you are interested in a single day, and to provide  you with a MLS Listing Sheet, a Detailed Tax Record,  a Target Price Range based on automated models, and point out some of the repair items which will require your attention (using our "first look" repair summary checklist). Separate additional Mileage Fees ($.50 per mile) and Per Diem Expenses may also apply for extensive out-of-area showings (those which are more than 20 miles from our main office).

$50 per hour

Plus travel expenses


In-House CMA, Property Analysis  and Public Data Research Package  - 

This is a comprehensive property research and valuation package that includes a full report of the physical description and construction of the subject property, Owner information including mailing address, legal description of property, zoning codes, land use and features, year built, features and square footage sizes, Automated estimated value with low and high ranges, school districts, tax id number, tax values, 3 years of assessors valuation records (to determine trends),  any MLS listing information, overhead photos, other public photos, Last Market Sale and up to 3 previous sales histories, with price, date, parties and mortgage information when available, property maps, flood zone maps, and a personalized and hand adjusted Current Market Analysis (CMA) of numerous comparable listings of recently sold or currently active property that are similar in size and style to the subject property and in very close in proximity.  (If we also went on-site with you for an Analysis, we can also create a "first look" repair budget and make other additional adjustments to the CMA).  Also included are lists of nearby neighbors and the market values of their homes, and analysis by zip code of price trends, percent of properties being purchased below assessed values, median list price, sale price, loan to market value,  Market Activity of number of sales, turnover rates, nearby distressed properties and foreclosure activity . Finally, to determine who your renter or neighbor or future buyer might be, we provide you with a very complete breakdown of Demographics in the subject zip code to include the total population, number of households, median age, number of males and females, size of average family, number of families with children, median income, years of residency, median home price, number of owner-occupants, renters, and vacant properties, breakdown of resident workers by industry, local schools and churches, banks, restaurants, shopping, health care facilities, and other attractions. Delivered to you in a full-color PDF format for easy viewing and printing

In-House CMA,   $75 ea

Property Analysis

and Data Research


In-House Property Investment Cash Flow Analysis with Marketing Brochures -  This is one of the most comprehensive  cash flow projection analysis packages available to an investor who is considering buying a property to either Flip immediately, or  to Buy, Rehab, and Hold Long Term as a Rental Property while re-financing and recovering his initial cash investment at the same time. 


The process begins with a very simple telephone interview (or an emailed questionnaire from you) to determine the address of the subject property, and whether you plan to purchase with cash, bank financing, or private financing. If being financed, we also input your planned down payment, amount to be financed, the term of loan, interest rate, and loan origination points.  We then factor in the Repair Budget you give to us (or we can help you determine it if we have also done the On-Site Property Analysis Valuation). 


After that we then help you to determine the After Repaired Value (ARV) of the subject property and the amount you should consider offering the seller, based upon your investment plans.  With these and other facts in-hand (such as monthly holding expenses, time needed to rehab, and other costs associated with the purchase and resale), we then calculate and project two different 1 to 24 month investment scenarios for you (or up to 40 years for holding multi-family units)


(1) Straight Rehab & Flip    and

(2) Refinance after Rehab and HOLD for Rental Income and Equity Appreciation.


In the case of the Straight FLIP, we project the cash required over the life of the project, total all-in cash  required at the end of the rehab, Percentage of  cash to the After Repaired Value (ARV), projected cost of resale, projected cash profit, Return on Investment (ROI), and Annualized (ROI)


In the event that you cannot FLIP the property as expected, we provide you with a HOLD scenario, which projects Cash required, total all-in cost at the end of rehab, net operating income, new refinanced mortgage amount, cash you can take back out of the project at the time of refinance, profit at the time of refinance, (ROI) percentage of your down payment and cash invested, equity still  left in the project after taking maximum cash out at refinance, monthly pre-tax cash flow, annual pre-tax cash-on-cash, property debt service coverage ratio (DCR), payback period for loan, and capitalization rate of property based upon the (ARV). 


In addition to the analysis described above, we also provide 12 specialized marketing brochures and reports for your use. Delivered to you in a full-color PDF format for easy viewing and printing


Reports Generated For You as the Initial Investor/Buyer

Project Summary Report

Budget for FLIP scenario

Budget for HOLD scenario

Comps Report


Reports To send to your Wholesale Investor (showing deal from their perspective)

Marketing Sheet/Brochure        (for FLIP Exit)

Marketing Sheet/Brochure        (for REFI Exit)

Cash Flow Summary/Brochure (for FLIP Exit)

Cash Flow Summary/Brochure (for REFI Exit)


Reports to send to your PRIVATE LENDER (showing deal from their perspective)

Private Lender Funding Request   (FLIP Exit)

Private Lender Funding Request   (REFI Exit)

Cash Flows To Lender   (FLIP EXIT)

Cash Flows To Lender   (REFI EXIT)

In-House        $125 ea


Cash Flow


All Reports

Shown within             




Vacant/Distressed/REO Property Inspections


When financed property becomes overdue on payments, becomes vacant, is abandoned, foreclosed, or taken back by the Bank or Investor as a REO, both an initial inspection as well as periodic follow-up inspections are critical for the lender to be able to get a clear and accurate understanding of the current status, and to keep up to date on any issues or damage that may occur in order to protect the value of the investment. We can offer you on-request inspections for occupancy, interior, exterior, periodic security inspections, first-response inspections to a fire, flood or disaster, and follow-up inspections to assure your contractors have performed the work you have assigned to them. The following are just a partial list of some of the various services that we offer.




Initial  Property Condition Report  & Photos -  For each new REO asset, it is important to determine the current condition and security as well as any obvious problems.  Exterior, or full Interior/Exterior Inspections are available

Full Interior     $100 ea

Exterior Only    $75 ea


Bi-Weekly Exterior  Property Security Report - check windows, doors, storm damage, vandalism, high grass problems, posted city or county notices, etc. TWO  Visits Monthly

Full Interior       $75 mo

Exterior Only     $50 mo


On-Demand Property Visit (an emergency or service call for security, to make an occupancy verification, unlock premises and meet contractors, insurance agents, adjusters, etc. and re-lock the premises, after-the-fact verification and photographing of any previous  contractor work that was performed, etc)

Visit +15 minutes  $30 ea

Each Add. 15 min   $15


 Brokers Price Opinion -  

Interior+Exterior   $195

Exterior Only          $145

Vacant Land            $ 95



State Approved For-Sale-By Owner Software Sales Package

Legal Forms Software & Documentation Preparation Service

Legal Books, eBooks, and On-line Form Preparation Service