FSBO – FOR SALE BY OWNER ASSISTANCE PACKAGE - For Owners and Investors who are well experienced and wish to sell their homes themselves, Global Atlantic Group LLC can offer you a limited service agreement to List your Property in Florida's premier MLS System, which is available and used by  not only  30 different Realtor Associations throughout 24 Counties, but we can also arrange to have it published in the Statewide Florida Realtors site, the Nationwide Realtor.com site, and more than 30 other very popular public  real estate websites. This is marketing and advertising assistance for the insertion of your property in the MLS System and other Websites ONLY, and no other real estate services are being offered related to the sale. All callers will be referred to your phone number and email for you to negotiate with directly and to handle all of the details yourself.  In order to list your property in the MLS System the rules require that you must offer a "Buyers Agent" fee (the amount will be your own choice) to any Realtor who sees your listing in the MLS and who brings you a contract which you decide to accept.


If a Realtor from the MLS brings you an acceptable contract, they will  be submitting offers to you on MLS state-approved contract forms and they will handle any details for you which are required on the buyers side concerning paperwork, inspections, closings, etc. You will be responsible to pay that Realtor your stated fee at the time of closing and to notify us of all the sale details within 24 hours so we can update the MLS records, but you will not owe us any additional fees for this flat rate service.


If you found a Buyer yourself outside of the MLS and Realtor System, you  will not be required to pay ANY other sales fee or commissions whatsoever (other than the initial Flat Fee you previously paid to us to Marketing the Listing). Because no Realtors are involved, you will be required to show your own home, negotiate directly with the Buyer, and provide your own sales contracts (various state approved forms are available on our site or through local stationery stores), and coordinate all inspections and closing details. Your personal attorney can advise you on the procedures, and a local Escrow Title Company can assist you in the Closing Process  

$500 Flat Fee

6 Month Listing