Global Atlantic Group LLC is a licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage whose primary Service is to act as a Buyer’s Broker for Individuals and Investors wanting to make outstanding all-cash purchases on all types of properties located in Southwest Florida.  This is especially true for Investment Firms that wish to make multiple on-going purchases or who want to buy large portfolios of property held by banks and other institutions.

It is important to note that our firm does not rely just on our local MLS System for available properties, and we can actually search and view all single-family, multi-family, condos, commercial property and vacant land property listings in 26 different counties and 19 different MLS Associations in Southwest Florida a single pass.

But we go much further than that! It is not widely known that Banks typically list only a very small percentage of properties in the MLS at any one time, AND that their total UNLISTED inventory amounts to literally tens of thousands of Bank Owned REO (Real Estate Owned) Properties in Florida. This is called "Shadow Inventory". In some cases they are just finishing all the paperwork involved in transferring ownership back to them or they are waiting for painting and repairs so they can be processed by a Broker and placed in the MLS. Mostly however, they are trying to avoid placing a flood of properties into the MLS all at one time, which would tend to drive all retail prices.  Our firm is unique in that it maintains a confidential data analysis of every Bank and Lender in Florida on a Monthly and Quarterly Basis and can not only pinpoint each Lender that has mortgages by specific county, but also by type of property and volume of loans. We can identify not only Short Sales and Auctions, but also Pre-Foreclosure Situations, REO Shadow Inventory,  Performing and Non-Performing Notes which may be available for Purchase, and the specific REO and Special Asset Offices and contacts for each of these properties. We can trace Mortgages from the original Bank to the current Loan Servicer, provide Verification of Payoff or Deposit Offices for Investors, and much more. Please note that we do not provide lists, but instead  we work one-on-one with banks, buyers and investors to find the best deal for everyone.

When acting as your "Exclusive Buyers Agent" we help cash Investors quickly find, research and buy the most suitable properties in the least amount of time and at the lowest possible cost. This is especially useful for very serious out-of-state (or out-of-country) Buyers who are time-limited and want to do most of their property pre-selection and coordination in advance, and then fly or drive into the area for a few days for a concentrated viewing of properties and to present their offers without having to schedule numerous visits through several different realtors. Our fee will be the commission offered by the SELLER if the property is listed in the MLS, and the SELLER typically pays this fee, BUT If it happens to be a FSBO property owner who is NOT offering any Buyer’s Agent fee, (where we will have to handle all the paperwork on both sides of the transaction), a 5% fee to act as a Buyer’s Agent will apply. A minimum of a 90 day period is required on every "Exclusive Buyers Agent" Agreement, and separate additional Mileage Fees ($.50 per mile) and Per Diem Expenses may also apply for extensive out-of-area showings (those which are more than 20 miles from our main office).

Single Family Homes

and Residential Lots

5% of Sale Price, or

5% of Lease Option, or

5% of Purchase Option

(if no commission is

​  offered from Seller)

Multi Family Homes

Apartments, Offices

Commercial and 

Industrial Property

(contact us for special commission rates)