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BUYERS AGENT – Banks typically have hundreds (and often many thousands) of REO Properties available throughout the area, but usually only have a very small percentage of them listed in the MLS for sale at a time. This is for three reasons – some are completing final judicial process and awaiting title transfer, many still require cleaning and repair, and finally, if all of the properties were placed into the MLS at one time, the overall market price values of each of them would sharply decline due to thousands of homes suddenly becoming available to the public for purchase. We work with an extremely large number of Cash Buyers and Investors who are more than willing to purchase one or more homes (or even portfolios of homes) that are in REO Inventory (but not yet listed in the MLS) in AS-IS CONDITION, for CASH, and with IMMEDIATE CLOSING (subject only to brief inspection, survey, and title insurance). This will save the Bank a considerable amount of time and money in Repair Costs, Full-Service Listing Agent Fees, Initial and Periodic BPO Valuations and on-going Holding Costs of Bi-Monthly Property Security Inspections for storm damage, vandalism, and local code compliance, Property Insurance, Real Estate Taxes, Condo Fees, Homeowner Association Fees, Yard Maintenance, Pool Maintenance, and other expenses. We work in-house with your confidential list of properties which are not yet listed with a full-service Listing Agent, and submit fully-executed contract offers from our numerous buyers and investors directly to your REO/ASSET Management Department for acceptance, and help to follow-thru all the way to closing. There is no better way to move a large amount of unlisted inventory without affecting the price of current MLS Listings!

Specially Discounted


(We offer a very special Discounted Commission  when we bring as-is contracts from cash buyers and  portfolio investors directly to your REO Department on inventory you are holding which is not yet listed in the MLS with another realtor. Let us save you time and money before you list!)


LISTING AGENT – For Banks that ONLY sell their REO Property on the MLS thru a Full Service Listing Agent, we can offer dependable and reliable service in a 3 county area of Southwest Florida. In the event there is no other Realtor representing the Buyer, we provide a 2% Discount !

5% Commission

​($1,000 minimum Fee)



When financed property becomes overdue on payments, becomes vacant, is abandoned, foreclosed, or taken back by the Bank as a REO, both an initial inspection as well as periodic follow-up inspections are critical for the lender to be able to get a clear and accurate understanding of the current status, and to keep up to date on any issues or damage that may occur in order to protect the value of the investment. We can offer you on-request inspections for occupancy, interior, exterior, periodic security inspections, first-response inspections to a fire, flood or disaster, and follow-up inspections to assure your contractors have performed the work you have assigned to them. The following are just a partial list of some of the various services that we offer.



    Services Performed

    Outside of our local

    area may be subject   

    to a minor Mileage

    surcharge. You will be

    notified in advance if

    that will apply.  



Initial  First-Time Property Condition Report  & Photos -  For each new REO asset, it is important to immediately determine the current condition and security as well as any obvious problems.  Exterior, or full Interior/Exterior Inspections are available

Full Interior     $100 ea

Exterior Only    $75 ea


Twice-Monthly Exterior  Property Security Report - check windows, doors, storm damage, vandalism, high grass problems, posted city or county notices, etc. TWO  Visits Monthly

Full Interior       $75 mo

Exterior Only     $50 mo


On-Demand Property Visit (an emergency or service call) for a security inspection, to make an occupancy verification, unlock premises and meet contractors, insurance agents, adjusters, etc. and re-lock the premises, after-the-fact verification and photographing of any previous  contractor work that was performed, etc

Visit +15 minutes  $30 ea

Each Add. 15 min   $15


 Brokers Price Opinion -   (for Banks only)

Interior+Exterior   $195

Exterior Only          $145

Vacant Land            $ 95


      For REO Home Clean Out's, Power Washing, and Painting Services in Charlotte and Lee Counties contact COASTAL SERVICES