Programs Available

1. AFFILIATE PROGRAM - A Manufacturer or Merchant may work with us to present  their products and services on our widely used website and allow interested parties to link directly into their website for all of the details and information. If a customer decides to purchase a product or service, the entire transaction is billed, handled and shipped on your website for full control.

2. WEB PAGES - A  Company or Service Provider who does not have their own website, OR who may have one but wants to substantially increase the marketing and visibility of their company may purchase 1 or more Pages in our LOCAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY to showcase their company or products. You supply the Text, Photos, Product List and Coupons you want us to display, and we will create the Page for you and run it in 6 or 12 month increments at a very low cost.  This is an excellent opportunity for Restaurants, Stores, Home Builders, Banks, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies, Home Inspectors, Landscapers, Painters, and Local Service Contractors.

3. WEB LISTING - If you just want to list your Company in our LOCAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY we can with your Name, Address, Phone, and Product or Service.  This directory is Organized by STATE, COUNTY and Category of Product or Service so local Residents can easily locate and contact you.