About Us

 USA1000.com Is a unique One-Stop Consumer Internet Site developed  that features four very important services:  

1.Real Estate Consultant Services - Are provided through Global Atlantic Group LLC (a licensed Florida Broker) where specifically noted.  Real Estate Forms, For Sale By Owner Listing Services, Real Estate Databases and other services are offered separately through the firm or organization shown in the information or advertisement on the USA1000.com Consumer Website.. 

2.Business Consultant Services - Are available for Individuals or Businesses seeking solutions to specific problems such as , Public Record Research, forming and running a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sub-Chapter S Corporation or C Corporation, establishing regional or branch offices, Internet Websites,  and Marketing, on-line Accounting, and much more.

3.Local Service Directories - New for 2014 we will be expanding our list of Local Business Directory, sorted by State and City. This will allow you to locate high-quality services near your own city. The number of states and locations will be gradually increased throughout the year as we expand our scope. USA1000.com is not directly offering any attorney services, legal services, tax preparation services, or investment advisor services, and all Real Estate Services are always referred to a licensed Real Estate Brokerage for the state in question. All other products and services are being offered directly and solely by the company offering the product, and they are not an agent or representative of USA1000.com, and any lists or referrals made are not a specific endorsement and you should practice your own due diligence when dealing with each organization 

4.Special Consumer Products and Services - Are provided directly through our nationwide network of manufacturers and merchants.  For the first time, you can now locate Office Supplies, Consumer Products, Electronics, Software, Books and Publications, Houseware, Giftware, and Collectibles, and have them shipped from one of our nationwide affiliate's distribution centers directly to your home or business.  Nationwide Price Checks - Most consumers are frustrated after searching for hours to find a specific product, only to find out later that coupons or special price drops were available that could have been applied on their order. You can you can now easily SEARCH thru more than one million products and services in a SINGLE Click by (Product Name), (Keyword), (Category), (SKU#) or (Manufacturer) along with a list of ALL Weekly Coupons & Price Drops BEFORE you order.  We add dozens of new products and coupons each week, so check back often for the best prices and deals ! 


Products ordered directly from our Nationwide Buyers Network - All products ordered and paid thru one of our Nationwide Affiliate Partners on their own website is governed by the specific terms and conditions of that manufacturer or merchant, and will be set forth and available for review in their product site at the time of purchase and checkout on their own website. Many of these products are available for shipping anywhere in North America, and occasionally some additional countries. Please examine your shipment for any exterior box damage at the time it arrives at your home or office, and make a detailed note of that to the carrier for a claim against them for replacement. If the product itself is defective (other than shipping damage), please contact the shipper and merchant immediately after receipt of shipment for further instructions and an RMA Authorization Number. 

Immediate Online Software Product Downloads - Are provided without any express or implied warranty for any purpose, other than what is provided for and described by the author of each specific item. Media downloads are generally available on a WORLDWIDE basis (where permitted by law), and are usually downloaded immediately after verification of payment received. If for any reason the download fails to run, please contact the specific selling merchant for additional assistance.

General Terms and Conditions - Product measurements and descriptions consumer items are provided by our network of manufacturers and merchants, as provided and available at the time of printing. Products may be updated, or models of equal or better value may be substituted. Product depictions on packaging may vary slightly from the actual product because of updating, or because several models of a product are packaged in one style box. Prices and items are periodically subject to change. Merchants reserve the right to correct typographical, descriptive and photographic errors. Shipping is usually  based upon Standard UPS Ground Delivery or USPS Delivery. In some cases items may require additional freight charges due to their sizes, but when that occasion arises you may be contacted prior to shipment for approval of such additional charges. Products are generally shipped to you by the merchant involved from the closest location in order to save you money on freight. Finally, Global Atlantic Group LLC is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage and provides direct licensed Real Estate Brokerage and Consultant services where specifically mentioned and identified in this site and is itself not offering any legal advice, tax preparation advice, or financial investment advice, and is not an agent, officer or employee of any of the other various independent nationwide merchants and manufacturers listed in this website. Each and every other merchant or manufacturer shown on this website is for your convenience and is specifically responsible for their own acts and representations and are not specifically recommended, endorsed, or warranted by USA1000.com.

Privacy Policy - We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell or rent out any information that identifies you to a third party. We may use the information we collect to periodically notify you about new services or special offers we think you'll find valuable. If you would rather not receive this information, you may send an e-mail to us with 'unsubscribe' as the subject line.